Thursday, February 5, 2009

MC Case Conceptualization 3: How to do it

How to do the MC case conceptualization:

I have broken down the process of developing a MC case conceptualization into different steps. While these steps impose artificial categories, I highly recommend that you follow these steps one-by-one to manage the complexity that develops when you incorporate MC factors. Following these steps will also facilitate increased understanding of the different diversity factors in the ADdRESSING model (by Hays, 2001) and the possible intersections between these factors.

1. Look at "conventional" ways (without integrating any MC factors) to conceptualize the etiology of the client problems.

2. Identify the different ADDRESSING factors that may be relevant in your case and may provide alternative interpretations to the etiology of the client’s problems. Use the attached list (from: Addressing Cultural Complexities in Practice: A Framework of Clinicians and Counselors Pamela A. Hays, 2001).

3. Look at Step 2- how do the different ADdRESSING factors interact/intersect? Develop interpretations that incorporate these interactions/intersections to conceptualize the etiology of her problems (this would be A& ii):

4. Develop a treatment plan using what you found in Step 3. Can you identify how incorporating ADdRESSING factors changes your treatment plan?

Cultural factors
Age and generational influences
Developmental and Acquired Disabilities
Religion and Spiritual Orientation
Socioeconomic Status
Sexual Orientation
Indigenous Heritage
National Origin

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