Thursday, August 15, 2013

Resources on Boarding Schools For Native American Children

Resources were compiled on Div 45 listserv

  1. Dean Lori Quigley and The Sage Colleges ( video called "Unseen Tears". 
  2. Teaching Indians to be White: Video 
  3. Burich, K. R. (2007). "No place to go": The Thomas Indian School and the "Forgotten" Indian Children of New York. Wicazo Sa Review, 22(2), 93-110. 
  4. Evans-Campbell, T., Walters, K.L., Pearson, C.R., Campbell, C.D. (2012). Indian Boarding School Experience, Substance Use, and Mental Health among Urban Two-Spirit American Indian/Alaska Natives. The American Journal of Drug and Alcohol Abuse, 38(5), 421-427. 
  5. The Thick Dark Fog (video) 
  6. Beyond the Mesas 
  7. Our Spirits Don't Speak English


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